Monday, August 9, 2021

Immunotherapy May be the Key to Eradicating Lupus


        The treatment known as CAR T-Cell immunotherapy has previously been approved in the United States for cancer patients, but researchers have tweaked the process slightly, and has successfully sent a Lupus patient into remission. There was a rapid response; the woman with Lupus had no symptoms six weeks after the treatment. The researchers had programmed the CAR T-Cells to target B-cells within the woman's body, which had proven to have profound positive affects. Previous treatments have failed to push the patient into remission, leaving them with symptoms even after taking medication. 
        This treatment may very well be the key to eradicating the disease Lupus. With a new direction and new technology, the future seems promising for patients with lingering symptoms. With further research this treatment may even be able to help with other autoimmune diseases, the possibilities are endless! 

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