Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Your genetic code can drive your desire for coffee

For the first time, a study from researchers at the University of South Australia was conducted to understand the correlation between cardiac health and its influence on coffee consumption. This study included 390,435 people and partnered with SAHMRI. While some of us drink coffee as a normal pick-me-up, or because it tastes good, coffee has significant effects on our cardio health. Another article talks about coffee and its effects on cardiac health. 

This study concluded, people with high blood pressure, aka angina, were more likely to consume less coffee or avoid coffee. This conclusion was drawn entirely from genetics. Interestingly, this is a positive effect since genetics can regulate our coffee consumption based on our health conditions. This is an example of how genetics have protective mechanisms built in, which directly influences behavior as well. Future studies will be interesting to identify different protective mechanisms in our genetics like the one discussed in this study. 


  1. This was interesting to read about. I never put genetics into perspective regarding whether someone would be more likely to drink caffeine or not. Im personally not much of a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the taste of it when I do, but I always felt that it doesn't have a huge effect on me.

  2. This article was incredibly interesting, It gives an incredible insight into the chemical dependences of caffeine and how it really can affect or be caused by our natural biological processes.

  3. I never took into account how genetic code can drive one's desire for coffee. I've never resorted to using coffee as a pick-me-up, but I see so many others doing so. I always thought they gave into false advertisement.
    Nice article choice Hari.