Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Racial Inequality in COVID-19 Treatment

 In this article, it has been found that sickle cell disease put Black patients at a higher risk for the COVID-19 pandemic. It was discovered that it is 6.2% more likely for a Black patient with sickle cell anemia to die from COVID-19 than a Black patient without it, and it is 2.8 times more likely for a Black Person of Color to contract COVID-19 than it is for White patients. The study also showed that "Sickle cell patients also were more likely to develop pneumonia (31% versus 20%) and suffer pain (43% versus 13%)." This is an important study because it shows the racial inequality in the treatment of covid due to systemic racism that the government and healthcare systems abide by, by showing how Black patients are more likely to die from COVID than the White (privileged) population. It also shows how, genetically, People of Color are already at a disadvantage because of the higher risk of sickle cell anemia. The blatant racism and bigotry that runs in our country is not just a "political stance" and it never was, it costs people their lives and their freedoms. 


  1. This is a disappointing reality that our country faces. Hopefully, these systems will change for the better to benefit all lives in our nation, especially people of color who are unfortunately often underprivileged in the country.

  2. This is the unfortunate circumstance we have to face, especially in the United States, people are receiving inadequate care because of their backgrounds. I hope for a positive change for future generations