Thursday, December 10, 2020

How much information is in our DNA?

3 Human Chimeras That Already Exist | Live Science

How much information could possibly be in our DNA. Science is such an amazing creation that surprises us everyday. it it said that every little bit of our makeup is written in our DNA. This information includes, personality traits, physical body traits, and many many more. It is said that our DNA is capable of storing 215 petabytes in just one single gram of DNA.  This is a crazy about of room to store our genes. Whats even more crazier is that our DNA is made up as we a little baby before we are even born. It is made up from the genes coming from a person's parents. People really do underestimate the strength our DNA has and what it can hold.


  1. This topic can be a little crazy to think about. There is probably so much information in our DNA that scientists have not even discovered yet. I agree that people really do underestimate how much our DNA plays a role in our lives, And it is so cool to think it was made when we were a tiny baby.

  2. Wow! I enjoyed this topic, it gives you so much to think about. I believe that there may be so much more to the human body, let alone DNA that plays a huge role in our genetics that scientist have yet to discover.