Thursday, December 17, 2020

Genetics of the Frequency of Urination

 In this article, it was found that scientists have found the gene that is linked with when your body tells you you need to urinate. The gene is called PIEZO2 and has instructions for making proteins that are activated when cells are stretched or squeezed. It was discovered that patients who are born with a genetic deficiency in PIEZO2 have trouble sensing when their bladder is full. In 2015, researchers discovered people who were born with mutations in their PIEZO2 genes had no sense of movement, could not feel some types of touch and pain, and, most notably, they all had problems with urination. Tests on mice showed that the PIEZO2 gene was highly active in a few neurons that send nerve signals from the mouse bladder to the brain. Aided by an imaging system, they saw that the cells lit up with activity when a mouse's bladder filled. This discovery is very important and should be recognized as such. Knowing this information can help many people with disorders relating to urination.

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