Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Asthma and Genetics

     The one thing that keeps every single organism alive is the ability to breath in oxygen. It is the natural mechanism to keep us alive by means of our lungs being able to operate. But, one of the most challenging things that some people have to face in their life is asthma. It can be simply explained as one's airway being clogged with something, whether it is mucus or foreign particles, causing hardships in breathing. One risk factor that one can use to determine if they will be victim to this pesky disease is genetics. Like a lot of things, if asthma is seen in higher generations in one's family, then they have a higher chance to get asthma than someone who has no family history of it. According to studies done, 70% of the risk factor for getting asthma has to do with genetics. This is something that can not be controlled since the odds for getting it are high if someone else has it. My brother had asthma his whole life, and I did not have it until early 2018. This could have multiple causes to it, but since it runs in my family, me and my brother were both born with the gene that could produce this disease.


  1. hi! I definitely agree that asthma is a challenging thing to face, as I am someone who has suffered from it growing up. It is interesting to know that the risk of this disease can be passed down, it may help others know whether or not it will be continued within their family.

  2. I have asthma myself, but it hasn't caused a problem for me since I've gotten older...its fascinating to know that it could have been passed down to me but my parents and their parents just have not shown signs of symptoms.

  3. i suffered from asthma at a young age and i think it has to do with genetics since my grandmother suffered from it, the same as my father. the curious thing is that neither my aunt or uncle suffers from it, the same for my cousins, so i do think that genes are involved.