Sunday, December 6, 2020

Animals infected with Covid-19

There is more concern now due to the effects that coronavirus has on animals and the way humans can contract it. The issue is that scientists do not know what it could do to the human population, with it being more transmittable and varying in the strand from humans. I believe that even though, as of right now, there are only a few animals such as cats, dogs, and minks are known to carry coronavirus that any animal can. Though scientists are focused on making a cure for humans, what about the animals that can also transmit it? I believe that if there is a way to cure animals of their variation of the disease, it could help create other forms of vaccinations in case someone doesn't react to the common antibody lab test.


  1. Hi Dannielle,
    It is very interesting that there are very few animals that have contracted the coronavirus. Early on in the pandemic, it appeared that animals could not get it due to the genetic makeup. I do agree that it is a necessity to get a human vaccination, but eventually when it calms down, it would be important to develop vaccines for other animals.

  2. Hi Danielle!
    It makes me so sad when thinking about this topic as well. Luckily, this has not been a huge issue so I feel as though there is not much to worry about at the moment. It does worry me however that one day a strain will emerge and it will affect animals in a bad way. Researchers should be looking for ways to approach this. But I think because it has less of a chance of happening, and it has not happened yet, they are not. I liked the point you made about a cure for animals helping us in make a vaccination for someone who does not react to an antibody test.

  3. I never knew these types of animals could get the virus. It is very sad to think about us passing the virus onto our pets. I also hope that we can come up a cure for these animals.