Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A new book captures how genetics fills in the story of life’s evolution


Not many people have really explored how life became to start on land, this article explores that of which organisms started to come on land. When descendants of ancient fish started to come onto land they didn’t have any lungs. The study shows the gene in fish that need swim bladders which is the organ in a fish to help it control its buoyancy, are the same organ that lungfish and humans use to build lungs. Genetic mutations can trigger the production of new proteins, which can serve as a new function or perform the old function better in which will enhance the organism's survival. Mutations cause genes to be expressed or not, later in development in different places in the embryo. It can alter the form of the skulls,fins, limbs, and other anatomical body parts. These genes usually arise by duplication a process of making a gene that retains the original function but frees the other copy to change. This article was interesting because it's true that we don’t genuinely think of how we got to be on land and not in water. In which there are alot of theories about how we did end up on land, however the most prevalent one is us evolving from fish essentially.

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