Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A new biomarker for cancer and other illnesses


    Bluestar Genomics and University of Chicago have recently published a genome 5hmC map for multiple human tissues. The research showed 5hmC being used as a phenomenal biomarker for cancer and other illnesses. This is a very big deal in the medical community because it provides a new was to diagnose not only cancer but other human illnesses. This is extremely important and helpful in cancer however because it can help doctors catch cancer early and provide treatments earlier to further help their patients. Overall this is big for the genetic community as well as the medical community. Their overall goal is to develop a cancer screening test using 5hmC. This would be huge. (staff, 2020)

Source: staff, S. X. (2020, December 3). Researchers publish whole genome map of key biomarker for detecting cancer. Medical Xpress - medical research advances and health news. 

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  1. How many different tissues maps were published? Do you think this can help to better understand tissues and cancerous tissues in the future?