Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Why You Should Get Your DNA Tested?

 What is DNA Testing?

Allows one to learn more about ancestry and health by identifying and characterizing changes in genes, chromosomes, and proteins within an individual.

Types of DNA Testing?

Molecular genetics test- Examine single gene or short lengths of DNA.

Chromosomal genetics test- Examine whole chromosomes or long lengths of DNA.

Biochemical genetics test- examine the amount or activity level of proteins within the DNA and look for abnormalities that can indicate changes to the DNA, which can lead to disorders.

Direct-To-Consumer DNA Testing

Genetic tests marketed directly to consumers via the internet, advertising, and television. A kit is mailed to the consumer, and they use it to send a DNA sample back. 

The Benefits of Genetic Testing

Promote awareness of genetic diseases, permit individuals to take a more proactive role in their healthcare, and allow them to learn more about their ancestral roots.

Risks Associated with DNA Testing

Vulnerability of being misled by the result of unproven or invalid tests, which can cause them to make bad decisions about health due to inaccurate results.

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