Friday, November 6, 2020

Thyroid and hair loss: Symptoms, treatment, and outlook

 Genes to Increase Hair Growth

Hair loss is very common in men once they past the age of 18 years old. Hair is important for temperature regulation, protection and social interactions. Hair are formed in hair follicles which are specialized organs for exactly that purpose. Hair loss is something common in men with many different causes. Hair goes through a growth phase where it can last for a couple months. Another phase is the rest phase, where it old hair is ejected and lost from the body. A recent study by Leif Carlsson's research team identifies the transciption factor Lhx2 gene as regulator of hair formation. If the Lhx2 gene was turned off the hair follicle was found not to be able to produce hair and activating it has been shown to activate the growth phase of the hair. If we are able to regulate this gene we can extend the length of the growth  (anagen) phase for quicker hairgrowth. I don't believe it would be possible because the function of the Lhx2 is only expressed periodically and we can't really skip the rest phase and just have the growth phase over and over.

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  1. I wonder what causes the Lhx2 gene to be shut off. Whether this be genetic or some kind of environmental factor. I think finding this information could also help form a treatment for baldness. I think it would also be interesting to see if alopecia and baldness are somehow related with respect to the Lhx2 gene.