Friday, November 27, 2020

Genetics Plays a Role in High Blood Pressure

         In this article posted by Best Heartbreak Forever, research work done at the University of Cambridge was reported on. The researchers found new regions of DNA and rare genetic variations correlated to blood pressure. Of the rare genetic variations only a few were found on newly recognized sections of DNA, and most were found on previously-established sections. Six new genes were identified in this study, four of which were found to be rare variants which make great drug targets for heart and circulatory treatments. It was established that the rare genetic variations had a substantial effect on blood pressure when compared to the more common variants. The findings from this study aspire to influence further advances in research that will result in a better treatment of high blood pressure, and prevent fatal heart attacks and strokes. I believe this article did a great job at reporting on the research findings and projecting the aspirations that are wished to come from the findings. In my opinion what was found in this research was a great start to manufacturing a better treatment for high blood pressure. Considering heart disease is the leading cause of death in America creating a better treatment for high blood pressure will reduce the amount of fatal stroke and heart attacks from occurring in America and across the world.


  1. Hi Isabella,
    I enjoyed reading your post and the links you provided. Heart issues and high blood pressure does run in my family, so it is interesting to understand that genetics will will make me more cautious when focusing in my cardiac health. I doh have a history of slight blood pressure, and even though I'm in great shape, and exercised daily, I still have to watch out.

  2. I think that this post is absolutely fascinating, mainly because of my family (on my father's side) all have high cholesterol, which has lead us to also have high cholesterol. Though not quite the same, high cholesterol can be a factor that leads to high blood pressure. I know that my paternal grandmother has problems with her cholesterol and has high blood pressure, and my dad suffers from the same set of conditions. This is something that I should pay close attention to, because it is more likely then not I will have to manage my cholesterol levels to makes sure that I do not have high blood pressure.