Saturday, November 28, 2020

cloning relationship to genetics


Do you ever wonder how cloning may be possible? In this article I read about cloning, Cloning is known as a technique that is used to make exact genetic copies of living things. Things that can be cloned include genes, cells, tissues, and even an entire animal. Single-celled organisms like bacteria make exact copies of themselves each time they reproduce. In humans, it is observed that identical twins are extremely similar to clones because they almost share the exact same genes. Scientists often clone genes for the sole purpose of studying them in-depth, to better understand them. I read that to clone a gene, researchers have to take DNA from a living creature and insert it into a carrier like bacteria or yeast. Every time that specific carrier reproduces, a new copy of the gene is made. Animals, in particular, have been cloned to have gene mutations in order to help them study the diseases in the animals. I believe to find this topic extremely interesting, especially to know how the entire process works.


  1. This is interesting. I wonder how many organisms were successfully cloned. I only previously knew of Dolly the Sheep that was cloned in the 90s I believe. I also expect this to be controversial as well since it could be contrary to ethics.

  2. well, cloning is something that has been talked about for a long time now. you can say that perhaps when twins are born is a form of "cloning", but this totally artificial cloning always gets me, it makes me wonder what are we going to do with this type of knowledge in the future.