Monday, November 9, 2020

Blindness Can be Cured


    Scientist have found an injection to help improve symptoms of choroideremia. This disease causes a loss of cells in the eye that specialize in light sensitivity. Choroidermia causes 4% of blindness. This injection was given to 14 test subjects. It was injected into the back of their eye that delivered the missing gene causing the progressive vision loss. 12 showed no adverse side effects. All stated that their sight stopped deteriorating and some reported that their vision improved. Five years after such injection, none reported worsening sight. This disease is progressive and without any intervention all subjects would have lost their sight completely. I think that this kind of studies are important because as we grow older one of the first things to go Is our sight. It is important that we invest in studies such as these to prolong quality of life, not just life span. Giving older individuals their sight can prolong their independence and open up doors for many.



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