Friday, October 2, 2020

Procrastination Is in Your Genes


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Do you procrastinate and hold things off until the last second? Well according to an article by Alexandra Sifferlin on the NYTimes, procrastination is in your genes. Procrastination comes in different measures; some people are more likely to procrastinate than others. At the University of Colorado, a research was conducted surveying twins to see if procrastination had its roots. So, 181 identical and 166 fraternal twins were surveyed "on their ability to set and maintain goals, propensity to procrastinate and impulsivity." There have also been prior research which has indicated that procrastination and impulsivity are genetically linked. The research concluded that procrastination is genetic; researchers also concluded that "procrastination is an evolutionary by-product of making the rash decisions that go along with being impulsive." I think this article was interesting because it relates to a college student. Even though we try not to procrastinate, sometimes we just don't have enough time. Although we can't blame our procrastination fully on genetics, it gives us a reason to think why we do procrastinate sometimes. 

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