Thursday, October 15, 2020

Gene Editing To Produce 'Super Dad' Livestock


Gene editing is not a new concept today. Many scientists as well as research are using these tools to improve the quality of life here on earth. Along with improving the quality of life, the quality of food fall right in that category. Researchers are using these tool to produce better meat for production. Gene editing not only will improve our food source, but it would back so-called "elite animals", animals with more value. Professor John Oatley says, "This can have a major impact on addressing food insecurity...less water, less feed, and fewer antibiotics in our animals". This would make a huge impact both financially and health wise. Through selective breeding as well as gene editing of the CRISPR gene to manipulate the genome is used in producing desired livestock. Also scientist may be able to bring back extinct animals through the use of frozen sperm to regenerate the species. This was just a little extra information that the article gave.

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