Sunday, August 9, 2020

South Americans in Polynesian Island sooner than we expected?

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Researchers have discovers that south Americans DNA were swapped with the voyagers from an eastern Polynesian island. researchers are concluding that the Polynesian voyage were using a drift wood raft and came across the coast of Peru. The voyage may have been taken at around 800 years ago, even though most researchers thought Asians had voyaged east as early as around 3,500 years ago to relatively close-by western Polynesia, eventually populating eastern Polynesia by around 1,000 years ago without having any contacts with people from South America. They were able to have a computer generation simulation of the voyage, to discover the wind speeds, and direction of travel from south america to the polynesian island. "Ioannidis, of Stanford University, and Moreno-Estrada’s group searched for molecular markers of shared ancestry in DNA of 807 individuals from 17 island populations in Polynesia and 15 Indigenous groups from relatively near Central and South America’s Pacific coast. Genetic data included 166 Rapa Nui inhabitants and 188 individuals from other Pacific islands. All DNA came from present-day people except for samples from four individuals, each from a different site in the Americas. Those ancient individuals lived between around 500 and 7,400 years ago".[1] 



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