Monday, August 3, 2020

Abnormal expression of genes in psychopathy


    For a long time people have been trying to link psychopath tendencies to what people did as a child or what part of their brain they are using more. Setting aside all that researchers at the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Helsinki and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have used stem cell technology to analyze the expression of genes in ones brain. The study concluded that many genes expressed also in autism account for some of the actions that occur to one who has psychopathy. They also determined psychopathy is also associated with mutated expressions of proteins related to glucose and the opioid system. From this study psychopathy is becoming more clear as to why it happens and is also helping push for new medicines and practices of new treatments to help and prevent psychopathy.


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  1. This is so interesting. I am very interested about psychology and the psych world. I have also heard or thought that psychopathy was linked to child hood experiences/trauma. This goes back to the nature vs nurture debate. I believe it is an unequal combination of both and not just one causes psychopathy to occur.