Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Researchers Find Genes Linked to High Risk of Eating Disorders








 In a study conducted by eating disorders affect at least 30 million people worldwide at least once in their lifetime. Studies have now popped up relating eating disorders to gene mutations specifically in genes ESRRA and HDAC4. When these two genes were mutated the likelihood of the person developing an eating disorder went up by 85%. Although eating disorders can start other ways even without mutations this gives scientists and doctors a jump start to look for a cure for people with eating disorders due to mutations in genes. They can now look for new ways to reverse the mutation or prevent the mutation from happening in the first place. This article also reviews how parents believe they have accidentally encouraged eating disorders in their children. Due to studies and statistics we can assure parents that it is not their fault it could be from their genetics being passed down not bad parenting. Although the topic of eating disorders goes beyond this article, it is a start to help prevent some. 





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  1. It was interesting to read that many people may suffer from eating disorders based on mutations in genes. I also wonder if the statistics dramatically changed since the use of social media. Having the accessibility to seeing that "perfect body" or certain body type all the time is probably very triggering.