Friday, July 31, 2020

Alzheimers gene linked to Corona virus

The APOE4 gene variant has been known for creating a greater risk for a person to develop Alzheimer's disease. This same gene variant is also linked to the novel Covid-19. Based on a study published by "The journals of Gerontology", it has been determined than an individual who carries two copies of the gene variant are twice as likely to develop a severe case of the covid-19. The APOE4 gene variant also affects cholesterol transport and inflammation. 383,000 individuals of European background were included in the study and more than 9,000 carried 2 copies of this gene variant. The list of people with two copies of the gene variant and those that suffered from covid-19 were cross referenced. The result showed that the APOE4 homozygous genotype was linked to a doubled risk of his severe disease as opposed to those individuals who had 2 copies of another gene variant known as E3
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  1. This article absolutely stunned me. COVID-19 is so new and poses so many unanswered questions. This small amount of research has made a dent in Coronavirus world that we have yet to unlock. If having this Alzheimer’s gene poses a greater risk to contracting a severe case of COVID-19, then they may be more gene variants that do the same. This could help us understand the virus more so eventually we can find a sustainable treatment and vaccine.