Tuesday, December 10, 2019

We Evolved from Neanderthals

A study has shown that Developmental cells are the cause for the Domestication and Change in Facial Structure between the once Neanderthals and today's "normal" facial structured Humans, as well as some Humans who have rare genetic disorders from prenatal and postnatal growth. It’s all tied around this one gene that goes by the name of BAZ1B. A scientist has concluded that the lack of this "boss-like" cell to be the main reason for the "Williams-Beuren syndrome". The Neural crest cells show up upon the elemental stage of birth as they migrate into different placements throughout the body.  Rising tissues, altering bone and cartilage placements, pigment cells, and other actions take place when these neural crest cells present there presents.
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People who have Williams-Beuren syndrome are known to be more talkative, outgoing and not aggressive in any manner. But on the flip side, there is a disorder that includes that extra BAZ1B crest cell that results in the person having difficulty speaking and tend to come off more aggressive than the norm. They also have a different facial structure, more narrow opposed to the Williams-Beuren syndrome. This disorder is formally known as 7q11.23 Duplication syndrome.  All in all, evolution has allowed us to change in appearance, giving rise to less harsh facial features. Imagine how different human beings would look in the next hundred years compared to how we appear today!
Original link: Gene Tied to Facial Development

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