Sunday, December 8, 2019

Vitamin A and Brain Response

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Researchers have been trying to find a link between and photoperiodism in animals, by studying monarch butterflies. According to the article, there is genetic evidence that not only is the photoperiod clock real but that it regulates a Vitamin A pathway necessary for seasonal responses. So far, the group working on this have been able to locate and alter key biological clock genes within the genome. However there are some difficulties, including the fact that vitamin A is important in visual function, so they have to do extra work to show that the lack of visuals are not responsible for lack of response.

In the article, they talked about how this research could provide information on seasonal ailments in humans like seasonal depression. I have several friends with seasonal depression and I would love it if there could be more information on it. This research seems very interesting, and there seems to be a lot they can do with it. I will be keeping an eye out to know more on what they find.

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