Sunday, November 24, 2019

Dangers of Poor Research Methods

A few months ago the research on the "gay gene" was making the rounds in the media and even managed to create a test app. This research and everything to do with it were deeply flawed, but looking at mistakes can give very important insight as to what happens when science reported very poorly. 

Any products made from the research in the Science study have been very controversial as they were reported to have massively misinterpreted the data gathered and many see the potential for harm. As the app in question cited scientific research and was made by a man living in Uganda it made many people very nervous that this app could be used to imprison people. Other scientists argued that this research is just absolutely useless as a persons sexual preference isn't that big of a deal to worry about.Later the article touches on who should bear the responsibility of what is done with scientific research.

The contents of the article are interesting as it shows what can happen after research is published. The responsibilities of those who conduct research are extremely important, but what others do with the information can sometimes be out of the hands of researchers. It is very important to try and stop bad ideas before they damage people views of professional science.

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