Monday, November 25, 2019

Case Study of Alzheimer Gene

A study of a patient with a family history of dementia is being conducted as she has a potential mutation that could be preventing Alzheimer's. The mutation in question can be found on the APOE gene and is a well known Alzheimer risk gene, but the variations of this gene yield different results. The gene can have such wide ranging affects that it hasn't been a main point of focus till now and research is still in the beginning phases. Currently researchers are not even certain if the APOE gene is what protected the woman from getting Alzheimer's but research will continue regardless.

I found the article very interesting as it made me review quite a bit of information on how Alzheimer's actual works and all of the effects it can have. The research seems to early to show any supporting evidence for any arguments, but it does showcase how genetics research can be done and how it starts.


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  1. This is awesome news. I used to work in a Alzheimer home and watching what these people went through daily was horrible. It was also interesting because every person was different as in some you would never know had the disease, and others were deeply affected. Hopefully this will lead to a cure or at least research for better treatments.