Friday, November 29, 2019

Bruce became Brenda

Our generation has seen a tremendous shift toward the support of various gender expression.  The relationship between sex and gender is something that has always caught my attention, especially as more research comes out surrounding this topic.  It may seem like a bit of a stretch to relate to genetics but it's more inclusive that you might think.  Over the summer, I took an online course called Perspectives on Sexuality (a GSS course at Stockton that I highly recommend if this topic interests you at all) and was required to watch a BBC documentary which I will link below.  The documentary tells a story of a baby, born male, who had a botched circumcision so severe that the doctors suggest the parents allow them to perform gender reassignment surgery to make the baby a girl.  The boy was then raised as a girl alongside a twin brother (who had a successful circumcision).  For the sake of not spoiling the whole story, I will leave a link to an article, the documentary, and a Wikipedia page for those of you who may want to read up on this topic.  I highly recommend checking out this story as it leaves a lot to consider.  As far as what the heck this has to do with genetics... chromosomes determine sex, but what happens when the body and the brain disagree?


  1. Very cool to see that our generation has seen a tremendous shift towards the support of various gender expression ! Interesting article !

  2. Shocking that a doctor can mess up a circumcision that badly. Very interesting, however. Look forward to reading more about this.