Friday, April 12, 2019

Regenerative Mushrooms

               Hericium erinaceus, more commonly known as lion’s mane, is a mushroom with amazing medicinal qualities. It is a prized fungus held in high regard due to its unique flavor and healing abilities. A recent study tested the neuroregenerative effects lion’s mane would have on lab rats. In the experiment the peroneal nerve was crushed on both groups with only one group of rats receiving the aqueous extract from the fruiting bodies. One of the findings showed a relationship between the Akt and MAPK signaling path-ways, which both influence things such as mitosis, gene expression, cell survival, and cell migration just to name a few.

        They found that the rats that were given the extract had enhanced nerve regeneration and much better post trauma recovery. The treated group had much better leg function and better quality of life post treatment. Not only did the lion’s mane induce enhanced axonal regeneration but its neurotherapeutic effects were found to be comparable to mecobalamin. Further research must be done to find the exact pathways that Hericium erinaceus interacts with.

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  1. I think that this information could be incredibly useful moving forward. While many people have made fun of holistic healers in the past for using natural treatments like herbs for medicine, it appears that they may have been along the right track after all. With more research, the neuro-regenerative effects of these mushrooms may revolutionize the treatment of traumatic brain injuries in humans, as the current prognosis is not a favorable one. If these natural mushrooms can have such a positive health effect, we must also consider what other natural organisms can have similar effects. Great Article!