Sunday, March 31, 2019

A foundation called DNA-Prokids, established by Dr. Jose A. Lorente, uses DNA tests to match missing children up with the DNA of their parents. This foundation has, as of August 2012, reunited 550 children with their families, and stopped 200 illegal adoptions. Dr. Lorente had the idea of using DNA kits to match missing children with their families while looking at homeless street kids in the streets of Peru. He wanted to help these kids find the homes they had lost. Dr. Lorente then used his connections to push for the DNA collection of parents upon filing missing children’s reports in various countries, as well as the DNA collection of parents attempting to adopt off their children, in order to make sure that the adoption process is legal. Although he has exciting work, identifying the remains of famous figures, he finds that reuniting families is more fulfilling and heart-warming work.

I think that Dr. Lorente’s program should be implemented in every country. It is ingenious that he came up with the idea to trace families of missing kids through DNA, and I feel that with all of the still-missing kids in America, it is just one simple procedure that might increase the chances of finding missing children that much more. I don’t see any reason why countries should not embrace the idea of tracing missing children through DNA, if the program has been proven in aiding the union of many families already.

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  1. I agree that his work is admirable and should be used in all countries. The only thing I believe he would have some issues with is if children are adopted but then go missing because the DNA would not match. Though, there may be a way around that with adoption process for the future. For now, it will take paper work and lots of fact checking to return kids to adopted families.