Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New CRISPR Technology

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A new study out of the University of Illinois has provided scientists with a new adaptation of how to use CRISPR a new gene-editing technology. The new technology allows the cell's internal machinery to skip over a small portion of the gene when it is transcribed into a template for protein building. This allows scientist to  influence how the a gene is expressed and also eliminate mutated gene sequences. "This new CRISPR-SKIP method alters a single base before the beginning of an exon, causing the cell to read it as a non-coding portion" Since the invention of CRISPR there have been other approaches to skipping exons or eliminating amino acids, like CRISPR-SKIP does. These other methods don't permanently alter the DNA sequence though. The invention of this method can be useful one fay for treating genetic diseases caused by mutations in the genome, such as Huntington's disease.



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  1. The world is an amazing place and new things are being discovered every single day. This is especially interesting technology that was discovered for the researchers who would benefit from it. Now they can eliminate mutations when studying and this will be very helpful. Great post.