Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Farm animals to get new features with gene editing

Farm Researchers are trying to genetically modify their farm animals to be ‘better versions’ of themselves. The company located in Minnesota has been adding and subtracting genetic traits in their lab. The company Recombinetics sees opportunity for the livestock. They intend to uses a pedigree similar to that of a bull for their mapping for milk cows. 
To create animals that can withstand weather, or already castrated pigs. 
‘gene editing does what traditional breeding has always done, except faster and more precisely. “  they are also trying to create cows without horns.
I personally don’t like this article because gene editing seems absurd and horrifying because if they’re starting to edit animals genes they’ll start on humans. But although from a scientific standpoint it seems more correct to edit animals rather than cause them suffering by castrations at puberty or horn cutting.
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