Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What Is a genetically Modified Crop? A European Ruling Sows Confusion

Europe Union's top court ruled this week that crops that have gene editing are now considered genetically modified. But some older techniques of gene editing are still allowed. Scientist are trying to explain the amount of importance of gene editing for the future of some of the crops and how it will impact the society in some ways. There are two sides of the argument, scientist believe that gene editing is a necessity for the future and some environmentalist believe it can do harm to humans in the long run. But scientist can not find any correlation to health problems and "genetically modified" crops. The main technology that is raising questions, is the new CRISPR technology. It raises a lot of questions in Europe.

I thought this article would be great after the video we watched on Monday about GMO. This shows that even after all the debates and evidence showing that genetic editing of crops and plants are not harmful and can actually be beneficial, people still do not believe in it and are scared of it. It is kind of a scary concept.
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  1. I agree. It is crazy how large the disparity between public opinion and scientific fact is. Perhaps people will not decide to used genetic tools in agriculture until they have no choice. With global warming making farming more difficult, I feel genetic editing in farming is inevitable.

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  3. I believe that gene editing should be used when we are at a last resort. There is no evidence as to what it could do to our body; so the best thing they can do with this technology is to keep experimenting for the future.

  4. I have the stance that this is a good thing that is in it self very human, weather right or wrong this is the reality that is happening now.