Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How do jumping genes cause disease, drive evolution?

so in this article, we learn more about what jumping genes are and how they function, we find this out because a group of researchers at Carnegie Institution of Science was able to track the jumping genes in Drosphilia Melangoster. They did this by taking piRNA, RNA that suppresses activity of jumping genes, and eliminating it so that the activity of the jumping genes was increased. This showed how the jumping genes were invading the nursing cells in developing eggs, and that is how they were mutating genes and causing certain diseases and cancer. Although there is the non-coding suppressor piRNA they still manage to attack and move within the nursing cells and developing eggs.
I find this to be extremely interesting because if they can find the cause of mutating and invasive genes such as the jumping gene early, then maybe we can find a ways to isolate it or fight against it completely.

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