Saturday, April 14, 2018

DNA Dieting

It's no question obesity is an issue in our society. Putting aside the "loving your body" movement, there is an undeniable line that you can cross where, no matter how much you love your own body, excess weight becomes unhealthy. But can super effective diets be tailored to each person based on their DNA? Turns out, no, it can't be done. Despite earlier studies claiming certain variations in genetic code improve one's ability to lose weight via a low carb OR low fat type of diet, this nucleotide nutrition regimen is not a legitimate one. A study completed in February of this year pretty clearly showed that in a large sample size of well educated(dieting-wise), overweight adults, that when assigned either a low carb or low fat, their weight loss progress and type of diet did not match up with their PPARG, ADRB2, and FABP2 genes variants (which are involved in processes such as fat and carbohydrate metabolism). That is, given that about half of each set of people with "low fat diet genes" and "low carb diet genes" ended up being given a type of diet which corresponded with their genes. And out of all of those people, none of them exhibited any noticeable increase in weight loss compared to the rest of their group. So if you came to this post looking for the cure to your dieting woes, I'm sorry for misleading you, but you'll have to keep looking for your dream diet elsewhere.

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