Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Single mitochondria sequenced

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A single mitochondrion was extracted, and their DNA sequences were analyzed.  Mitochondria have their own DNA or mtDNA, a mitochondrion can hold 10 or more different genomes.  Dr. James Eberwine, extracted a single mitochondrion and then extracted its mtDNA.  With the newly extracted mtDNA they looked at the neurons of human and mouse cells to compare mutations of each.  They discovered that the mouse cells had more mutations than compared to the human cells.  The study showed the mutations in mtDNA in the same cell, even though most mutations or different for the individual person.  Neurons and astrocytes in the brain were also examined in the experiment.  This now helps better understanding the limit for diseases involving increasing numbers of mitochondrial mutations.  Neurologist will be able to diagnose neurological disease, and help detect that could potentially harm the individual.  Since mtDNA mutations have been found to be more frequent with the elder and growing in age, this can help them understand the conditions better.  The end goal of this is to slow mtDNA mutation accumulation so that they can potentially stop disease before they completely form.  Researchers now have a better understanding of where to start when looking for DNA that could be affected by a mutation.

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