Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hormone Asprosin

NPS (neonatal progeroid syndrome) is a rare genetic disease that claims lives during infancy.  In some cases they can live till adulthood.  A participant in college from Texas has led the study to discover a peptide hormone involved in glucose release.  The hormone found called asprosin, lacks in people with NPS.  Asprosin is produced by fat, which lacks in those with NPS.  The hormone heads to the liver where glucose is prompted to release.  This hormone is also found in overabundance with those with insulin resistance.  When the antibody against asprosin was injected into mice with diabetes their plasma insulin levels dropped.  This has suggested a possible treatment for diabetes.  In a study to find a cure for NPS, the researchers have discovered a new hormone that can be used to treat other diseases. 
This article was very interesting and it showed that results are never as expected.  In a study to find a cure for NPS this team has found a possible treatment for diabetes.


  1. When scientists are looking for one answer most of the time they end up finding an answer to a question they weren't even asking. Diabetes is definitely a condition affected many people worldwide and it's time we found a cure.

  2. This is extremely similar to a separate finding which was explained in another blogpost for a possible treatment of diabetes that was unexpectedly found in significant proportions of Amish populations. Strange where these answers pop up.