Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Researches Find A Way To Block Antibiotic Genes of Resistance

Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria in order to stop diseases. However, genes are becoming resistant to these antibiotics and they're becoming useless.This is a big problem considering antibiotics are  commonly used in medicine. The antibiotic resistant genes spread when the genes on plasmids transfer between bacteria. These plasmids are fragments of DNA in bacteria and carry proteins that can make bacteria resistant to the antibiotics. Scientists at UdeM have found a way to block the transfer of the genes that are resistant to the antibiotics. TraE protein is a protein that is necessary for the plasmid transfers. They figured out which molecules bind to TraE and exactly where they bind. They used this information to create new binding proteins that would take place of where the antibiotic resistant genes bind. They could use these molecules to create inhibitors for antibiotic resistant gene transfers and could spread them in areas like hospitals where most of this resistance happens. 

This article was very interesting. At a young age I was taught in school that antibiotics kill a lot of bacteria in your body. When doing that, they not only kill bad bacteria but they kill good bacteria with it. When you get rid of good bacteria you're more susceptible to getting sick. Ever since I've learned this I really never take medicine when I'm sick. I prefer to let my body attack the virus naturally. I know a lot of people however that do take antibiotics whenever they get sick and they always keep getting sick. The fact that scientists are now finding a way to stop antibiotic resistance is great because we need antibiotics in case of really serious illnesses. This new information could also help scientists develop ways to stop diseases from spreading.

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  1. After reading this article it made me wonder how this could impact a patient after surgery or patients that develop a serious illness.