Sunday, November 26, 2017

Genes affect where children look ; affects mental progress

A study led by Indiana university tested the eye movement of identical and fraternal twins, the study was conducted with 233 pairs of twins about half of each were identical and the other half fraternal. this results of this study have found that eye movements to complex social and nonsocial scenes are heritable.  Children were shown 80 images and tracked what are called "tendencies of exploration" and found that identical twins show a very strong link in their analysis of the images and the same affect was evident in fraternal twins but not as strong as the correlation in identical twins. The researchers suggest that their findings show that the basis of visual analysis of images is heritable

There are reasons to be skeptical of the findings of this study, there doesn't appear to be enough of a control in this situation their findings need to be followed up with analysis of random children from different areas/ and different environments, and have no correlation between those children to really prove a genetic  link between the eye movement.
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