Sunday, November 26, 2017

Associations between genetic variation and gene expression of healthy tissues in humans

GTEx or Genotype tissue Expression is a process that aims to answer  why our DNA can create different tissues, that serve different functions. using expression quantitative trait loci mapping. researchers: Michelle C. Ward and Yoav Gilad to study the phenotype and and genotypes of 44 different tissue samples from 449 humans this lead to a myriad of results ranging from different nucleotide sequences, the abstract of the article states that most differences in nucleotide sequences in affected genes happens very close called cis e-QTLs and some trans-e-QTLs that are farther away from the exon of the gene studied. The variations in the introns of these genes and studying the links between them and tissue formation could have an impact on the future of organ transplants.

I believe that eventually that this will have a profound effect on the way that people receive organ transplants , the better we as a society can understand tissue development, the better people who need organ transplants will receive them , if there is a way to match these variations with a living transplant  there could possibly be an end to immunosuppresion drugs for transplant receivers

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