Monday, October 2, 2017

Your best diet might depend on your genetics

A recent study was done with mice to test the effects of different diets on different strains of mice.  Four mice strains were tested to model genetic diversity and each strain shared the same genetics.  This represents the genes of one person.  Any two strains of mice had differences, which relates to humans as people do not have the same exact genes.  The mice were put on different diets but allowed to consume as much as they wanted of their food source.  Their consumption was recorded and observations about health effects were recorded for each mice strain.  Scientists were able to find that different mice strains had different responses to the same diets.  Some saw more negative health effects such as obesity, fatty liver disease and detrimental effects on cholesterol.  Other mice strains had higher resistance to the same diets and saw little to no effects at all.  Some diets were healthier for some mice than others.  I found this interesting because it really depends on your genetics on what type of health effects you would encounter.  Health is not entirely reliant on what you eat, but genetics can play a strong role.  This is a good study as mice are good organisms to use to study humans indirectly.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a similar study on how different dietary fats can be modeled through mice and other model organisms. 



  1. I could see this having a huge economic impact. Submit a DNA sample to a company, who could turn it around and tell you how much of what kinds of food you should eat to maintain/gain/lose weight. This could be a big new field for business and for jobs.

  2. Wow, So if different people follow the same diet plan, it could give them different results based on their genetics! This discovery can help many people who suffer from obesity, and can also help people who just want to lose or gain some pounds. I agree with Daniel this could be huge for businesses and could open a lot of job opportunities.

  3. I found this article and blog post very intriguing! So many people suffer from obesity and they try to lose weight with a healthier diet and exercise. Now knowing that genes also play an important role, more precise diet plans will arise for that individual only. Everyone is different so it makes sense as to why the study indicates that different people have different effects on the food that they consume. Hopefully this study will help those struggling with their weight!