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Gene Editing for ‘Designer Babies’? Highly Unlikely, Scientists Say

Gene Editing for ‘Designer Babies’?

Highly Unlikely, Scientists Say

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By: PAM BELLUCK  Published: AUG. 4, 2017 

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Summarized by Rebecca Wiley

The term "Designer Babies," is a hot topic with the recent advances in science. The problem is the ethical arguments in genetic modifications are coming from individuals who are illiterate on the topic. So far, the only thing scientists where able to do was fix genetic diseases that are linked to only one gene. Designer babies are not able to be created. Most traits that we consider designer are triggered by multiple genes.  These traits include but are not limited too one's intelligence, looks, and talents. Basically, the ethical argument is far from becoming a problem.  The ethical argument is actually inhibiting researchers ability cure those genetic diseases mentioned above. It is illegal in the United States and other countries to bring these modifications to clinical trial.

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  1. Personally I can understand the ethical argument issue, but I believe that to be a personal choice and think it should not affect a scientists willingness to expand such a hot topic in current genetics.

  2. As long as you're not harming the wellbeing of the child I see no ethical issues here. Of course it should be left to the parents discretion but if it could help us understand genetic illness without harming the baby then I am for it.

  3. i am on the fence about this topic of designer babies. I feel that if it were to be strictly for curing diseases and or disorders that would not be such a problem. However, in the world we live in today people already modify their bodies to achieve a sense of perfection that society sets so I believe people would take advantage of this science in the wrong way and use it to modify their children before the kids even have a change to decide.

  4. One day, designer babies may be possible. However, we are far from that point. We barely know what genes code for the traits that humans like. We are better off creating designer babies by breeding those with the desirable trait. But of course we are humans and do not select our breeding partners based on that. If we do decide to do eugenics(selective breeding), what makes that different then Hitler?
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  5. In an article that I found about CRISPR, none of the tested embryos showed any sign of cutting in incorrect spots, a concern for creating new DNA mutations, and the embryos would only self heal if one of the parents had a healthy copy of the gene. This discovery could mean it would be difficult for scientists to fix embryos where neither parent has a healthy gene, but could prevent designer babies because embryos would simply reject new DNA being implemented. So it may be impossible for designer babies to happen at all if neither parent has one of the desired traits.