Monday, July 24, 2017

Who needs hard drives? Scientists store film clip in DNA

Written by Gina Kolata 
Published JULY 12, 2017

Think about in elementary school. We had to have a small 500 mb flash drives to hold our academic files such as essays or products. We now have 64 gb flash drives and 8tb hard drives. Technology has come a long way. Now imagine if instead of using a flash drive as storage, you can use your own DNA. Imagine being able to encode something in your own flesh as storage. This is a fascinating thought and seems unrealistic to the average person. Scientists used this assumption and discovered that DNA can store implanted information.

Fun Facts in the Article:

One of the very first motion pictures ever made was a galloping mare filmed by the British photographer Eadweard Muybridge in 1878, was encoded into the DNA sequence of the bacteria E. coli. 

Scientists are wondering if it is possible to program bacteria to snuggle up to cells in the human body. These cells will record what they are doing and make a movie of the cell's life.

Richard Feynman proposed that DNA could be used for storage. This was half a century ago!

All of Shakespeare's Sonnets have been stored successfully in DNA. He wrote 154 different sonnets!


  1. That is very neat, I feel like this could have broad applications in genetic testing. Storing your DNA on a flash drive might decrease the cost of expensive genetic tests since we have access to the sequence at hand!

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