Saturday, July 29, 2017

Genetic Catastrophe in a Polygamous Town

Within the heavy mormon population of Utah, there is a high occurrence of genetic disorders popping up. An article by the BBC states that this has a lot to do with the high occurrence of polygamy within the Mormon community. Recessive genes seem to pop up quite frequently, some of the most common being facial features such as a prominent forehead, low-set ears, widely spaced eyes and a small jaw. They also have cognitive and development issues resulting from the small dating pool within the community. The Utah Cancer Regency said they also are at higher risk of certain cancers that have a strong genetic component. Ironically, though, they tend to live longer due to the community's strict policies against smoking and drinking. For more information about the mormon community visit a related link: 

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  1. It is interesting that the Mormon population has developed their own set of characteristics based on polygamous relationships. I have an Mormon aunt who's family is from Utah; however, their immediate family does not partake in the polygamous aspects. I do not really see many of those features in her; however, one or two might be slightly fitting.