Monday, May 1, 2017

Human Gene Editing Receives Science Panel’s Support

The National Academy of Science and the National Academy of Medicine are providing their support to the modification of the human embryo. Researchers believe by using these techniques it will prevent genetic disease that are passed down to future generations. The gene editing tool called Crispr- Cas9 is used to snip, insert, and delete the genetic material, which will be tested to treat diseases such as cancer, blindness, and other conditions. While Crispr is precise there is a fear of cutting the DNA where it's not meant to be cut and producing a child with a mutation. Furthermore, a fear of using these techniques to change the physical appearance and enhance intelligence. There are many concerns but years before this is applied to humans.

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  1. CRISPR is doing amazing things now, and will in our future, amazing things. This is definitely a controversial topic as changing the human to something wanted is against ethical statements. It is good to eliminate genetic diseases preventing the widespread problems of some rare and untreatable health problems, but I am not sure if the ethical portion of it will pass over the human race.