Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Discovery of new Genes that are linked to Autism

This article revolves around the new discovery of genes that are related to the learning disability autism spectrum disorder. 61 new genes were found to be related in autism but 43 were already known. Mutations found in PFH3 was found in only four families but deemed to be harmful by not regulating the structure of chromatin. Scientist now are looking for way to finding future treatment with the discoveries of these new genes. Hopefully this can finally give more insight on this troublesome disability because of now complicated it is to treat.




  1. Short but sweet post. Autism affects many individuals so with more research being done, the more doctors can help those being impacted.

  2. My brother has Autism, so knowing that doctors are trying to find more insight on this, is comforting! I hope they can figure out more for the future.