Monday, April 17, 2017

PLAA Gene Study

Scientists identified a certain gene present in the development of the brain known as PLAA. Recent studies suggest that the mutation in the PLAA gene plays a role in fatal childhood disorders as well as seizures and other severe problems in the brain of children. PLAA plays  a big role in brain cell function, therefore, when a mutation occurs, the gene don't function properly thus failing to signal and communicate with other cells in the brain and clear damaged proteins. The mutation in this gene and the disorders associated with it are referred to as the PLAAND which stands for PLAA-associated neurodevelopment disorder. It was mentioned that children suffering from PLAAND die before reaching the age of six since no treatment is available in the market up to this day. 
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Seeing young children die due to diseases with no known cure is disappointing and heartbreaking. Recent findings from studies bring new knowledge and understanding regarding certain types of diseases and bodily functions. These studies open doors to creation and development of drugs that would cure diseases such as the PLAAND. 

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