Thursday, April 13, 2017

Humans and sponges share gene regulation

In a collabrative study done by Dr. Milos Tanurdzic of the University of Queensland School of Biological Sciences, he found that sponges and humans share similar gene regulations that active genes. In his research, Dr. Tanurdzic looked at how the DNA was packaged within the genome. For the study, they looked a great barrier sponge. Based on the study, it was determined that the complexity of gene regulation depends on the histones marks that determine of the DNA associated with the histone is going to be turned on or off. This mechanism is important for the evolution multicellular animals because it diversifies the genes within the animal kingdom. 

I found this article interesting because it looked at one of oldest multicellular animals within the animal kingdom. The article also reminds us that we share similar genetic mechanism with other multicellular organisms.  

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