Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gene Associated With Higher Risk of MS

MS is a pretty big deal for people who have it because it is an autoimmune disorder which attacks the patient's nerve cells. It primarily is found in women aged from 20-50 years of age and could cause problems with their movements and bodily function. There is no cure, however treatments are available.
Researchers are currently putting more study into two particular genes, IL7R and DDX39B, which they claim that if one has variations of these two genes then it they could be up to 3 times more likely to get MS than one who does not. When there are two variations of these genes, then an overproduction of a protein called sIL7R is created, however the entire function of this protein is not entirely understood.
Overall, it's a step towards finding more effective treatments or possibly a cure.
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  1. Since MS is such a common and incurable disease it would be amazing if a cure was found. It is interesting that there are specific genes that researchers are focusing on. In the future if a cure was found it would be very beneficial.

  2. It's great that focus is being out on these genes. Maybe if they find a way to suppress these genes they can slow down or even stop MS from occuring.