Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dietary anti-cancer compound may work by influence on cellular genetics

Researchers just recently discovered that broccoli contains a compound that is beneficial in preventing prostate cancer. This dietary compound is known as Sulforaphane and may work through it's influence on long, non coding RNAs. The research and studies made also found that IncRNAs, which were once considered "junk DNA", are now being looked at as something important that may trigger cells to become infectious. Scientists are now starting to see that IncRNAs are very important when it comes to what genes are expressed in cells and that they may play a very important role in contributing to certain diseases like cancer. Scientists are suggesting if they can keep IncRNAs in control then may be they can prevent or slow down infectious cells. Researchers found that this sulforaphane compound can possibly be used as a dietary supplement to help affect the IncRNAs in a positive way to treat certain diseases like cancer. In their research, they found that LINC01116, a IncRNA that is unregulated in human cells line of prostate cancer, can be treated with this sulphoraphane. 

This discovery can be huge for scientists to find new ways to use this compound to treat, prevent or even slow cancer down. 

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