Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Computer-driven Test Detects Cancer

A recent study developed a computer program which detects cancer and its location in the patient's body by using the patient's blood sample. Early diagnosis, not just with cancer but with any kind of disease increases the chance of cure and survival. In the earliest stages of cancer, the DNA of the tumor cells ends up in the bloodstream, which makes the patient's blood sample useful in detecting cancer; however the program works better in well-circulated organs rather than in less-circulated organs because the amount of the fraction of the tumor's DNA found in the blood affects the accuracy and efficiency of the program's diagnostic. As the DNA of the tumor cells were captured, the computer program looks for molecular patterns which will be analyzed and compared to the database of epigenetic markers and molecular footprint. 

This advancement in the field of science offers great advantages if further study and research are done. Prevention is better than cure. Regarding health issues and diseases, early diagnoses prevents the spread and advancement of diseases. Furthermore, a program with accurate diagnosis would greatly help in treating cancer during the earlier stages. 


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