Sunday, April 16, 2017

Anthrax RNA coat is Key to Disease's Succsess

Anthrax is a very dangerous disease, mostly because of the way it interacts with its host body.  It was long hypothesized that the anthrax could trigger an unfavorable immune response in its host, but it wasn’t known how or exactly what.  This response is what Harvard Medical School researchers sought to discover.  Anthrax itself is caused by a bacteria called Bacillus Anthracis. This bacteria itself can exist in both a spore state and a vegetative state, both of which are precursors to full blown anthrax.  The spore state isn’t recognized by the body’s immune system, but the afterward vegetative state should be, however the team of researchers discovered a mechanism that was used by the anthrax spores that diffused the bodies’ way of recognizing the vegetative state of the anthrax.  It does this using an RNA based type 1 interferon, though testing it was even discovered that anthrax that grew from spores which lacked these RNA coats were far less dangerous than traditional anthrax.

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Weaponized anthrax is a bio-weapon that can be mailed to you 

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