Thursday, March 23, 2017

Zika Attacks...Babies

        In the article, Birth Defects Rise Twentyfold in Mothers with Zika, C.D.C. Says, how Zika is dangerous to pregnant women. Zika does not necessarily harm the mother but harms the baby. The babies affected by Zika mostly are born with extremely small heads, brain abnormalities, eye defects, and central nervous problems. These birth defects are common in babies who become in contact with Zika while in their mother. It is transmitted through a mosquito’s bite. The mosquito must carry the disease to transmit it. There has been an increase of babies with these birth defects from 2013 to 2014 according to this study which involved the states of Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Georgia. Out of every 1,000 births there was about an increase of 55 babies to be affected by Zika. Personally, I believe a pregnant woman should not travel to where the Zika virus is present. I do not think it is smart for a pregnant woman to take the risk and travel because it is heart breaking to see a child born with defects that they will live with the rest of their lives. Sometimes babies are not born with defects but can develop abnormalities as they grow up. Even if the pregnant women must travel for work related reasons, I still do not suggest to travel. The mother can try to make a compromise with their boss. I asked my mother how she felt about this and she stated, “It is a scary thought to think that I could be the one to make my child have birth defects because of traveling to a country where Zika virus is spreading. I would play it safe and not choose to travel there.” Once again, I agree with my mother’s opinion as well. 

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  1. Pregnant women must always take extra precaution when traveling to places since different types of diseases are prevalent on certain areas. Specially with Zika virus where no known cure or vaccine exists. It is heartbreaking to see babies born with abnormalities with no known cure.